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This is to acquaint beginners and to remind the more advanced racers of the system of checks and balances that assure prompt and equitable resolution to alleged incidents of infractions to the racing rules. The information applies to all races in this area (designated as Area E by US Sailing).


The original Protest Hearing is arranged by the club hosting the particular race. There will be a notice in the Sailing Instructions for that race giving the guidelines for time and place and any special conditions pertaining to filing a Protest against a competitor or the race management.


The DRYA provides a resource group of certified and apprentice judges to assist clubs in hearing Protests. The DRYA Protest Committee chairman is:

Matt Bounds

If requested, Matt Bounds will provide judges to assist your club and will answer any questions that you as an individual may have about the Protest process.

A party to a (protest) hearing may appeal a protest committee’s decision or its procedures, but not the facts found’ (Rule 70.1(a)) to the DRYA Appeals Committee through US Sailing. The DRYA Appeals Committee Chair can assist you in that process.

Matt Bounds

(248) 980-7931

If you wish to request a hearing after the judgment of the Appeals Committee, you may contact the United States Sailing Association and they will give you information on how to proceed.​

     US Sailing
     P. O. Box 1260
     Portsmouth, RI 02871
     (401) 683-0800


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