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There are three broad categories of sailing fleets in DRYA races. (Each of these groups is represented by an officer, elected by the group to assist them and speak for their concerns on the DRYA Executive Committee.)

For about half of the races ("point-to-point" as we call them), the fleets sail in an area designated by the host club for the day, for the other half of the races ("closed-course"), they compete on a prescribed A or C Course as listed below. (The general vicinity of the A and C courses is shown on the chart in this section.)

Sailing Fleet Race Course

Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF) - Course AC


Your PHRF representative is:
Richard Marsh

While PHRF does not rely on measurements of your boat in the same way that IMS or IRC does, it will be necessary to validate that your boat fits known production standards, that your sails fall within stated size parameters and that nothing has been done to alter the size of the mast, boom, etc.

Any of several individuals who help to determine the PHRF handicap figures would likewise be happy to assist you with any questions about the overall process and validation.


Your ORC representative is:

Dan Mercier


Offshore One Design

One Design boats sail against each other without any time allowance handicapping.
The simple order of finish determines the award places.

Offshore One Design boats included:

North American 40s, C&C 35s, J120s, Ben 36.7s

Your Offshore One Design Representative is:
Michael Welch

Non-Cruising One Design:

Crescents, Express 27's, Cal 25's, Flying Scots

Your Non-Cruising One Design Representative is:
Paul Nuechterlein

In addition to the boats listed above, individual clubs may invite other one-design fleets to sail in their own regatta (Thistles, Snipes, Sharks etc.)

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